Introducing Ira!

On July 13, we welcomed our 3rd son into our family! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! His name is Ira and his big brothers shower him with love quite fiercely on a very regular basis.

Our hands and hearts are so very full and we are incredibly thankful God gifted us with our sons.

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2020 Farm Updates


It is HIGH TIME we share some farm updates!  (Though, if you follow our @tiswellfarm Instagram page, you’re already in the know with our updates!)

  1.  First and foremost, we welcomed our second son into the family on September 25, 2019.  His name is Aaron and we cannot stop praising God for such a healthy baby!!  We weren’t sure how life would be caring for two busy boys but being nearly 9 months in now, we can’t imagine life any other way!  What an absolute blessing it is to watch our sons grow up on the same farm Dustin was raised on!
  2. While our little family battled cold and flu and who knows what else on and off from early February until late March, we also welcomed our 2020 lambs.  Thank goodness the Border Cheviot ewes are incredible mothers!  No one required assistance during lambing and the lambs are all thriving and have been out on pasture since mid-April.
  3. The initial transition of adjusting to life with two little boys took some time, but I (Chris speaking) am happily feeling more comfortable with my mothering role.  With a few spare minutes each day, I’ve given myself a NEW JOB!  I’ve deemed myself the Tis Well Director of Feeder Calf Management and Beef Marketing.  …a ridiculously fancy way of saying when the boys are napping I’m drilling into production cost estimates, winter feed consumption estimates and marketing options for our 2021 freezer beef program!  What that means is now that the 2020 calves are on the ground, I’m planning for their futures!  Tis Well has never before been able to raise our own feeders to finish for beef UNTIL NOW!  This year will be our maiden year for retaining feeders and finishing them.  Between now and August/September of 2021, I’ll be planting marketing seeds in potential customer ears with the hopes of securing homes and freezer space for our 2020 calf crop!

With that, we invite you to check out our ‘Freezer Lamb & Beef’ page to learn more and if you are interested in stocking up your freezer with lamb this winter or beef next summer, holler!