Sun. Grass. Beef.

The sun is shining and with that, the start of the 2022 grazing season! On May 1, our feeders, bulls and the cow herd headed out to their new pastures. Each group has reign over a different pasture for a variety of reasons. The bulls and feeders are on neighboring pastures near their winter barn and the cow herd is high on the hill overlooking what we consider to be the location with the most beautiful view of the farm (lucky mamas!). Half of the cow herd has calved already and we’re awaiting the final group of calves within the next few weeks.

(Cow herd on the left. Feeders on the right.)

In celebration of Earth Day this spring, we planted 40 trees on the farm. Our county conservation district sells tree seedlings each spring and we purchased 20 White Oak and 20 White Pine trees. The majority of the seedlings were planted in the sheep pastures to (eventually) offer shade to our flock. The rest were planted near the pond where our shiitake logs are spending the year.

The boys are enjoying the smaller (easier to handle) animals on the farm. We’re starting a new group of 9 layer hens to become eventual replacement hens for our small layer flock.

Pip, our 3-month-old Border Collie, is joining Dustin and Owen in ‘puppy preschool’ most evenings as she learns basic commands such as stand (stay), sit, and here (come).

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