Spring Farm Updates

As we emerge from wintertime, we are eagerly welcoming the arrival of new life on the farm!!

Our first lamb of the season was born on March 19th! This lamb marks the start of a whole new era for the Tis Well sheep flock because it is 100% dorper! Over the past 7 years, we have experimented with a variety of sheep breeds also including Border Cheviot and Border Leicester. As we hone in on our ‘end goals’ for the flock, we are confident that the dorper is the breed for us!

On April 6, our sweet Border Collie puppy came home to us! Her name is Pip and the journey it took her to come to the farm was quiet lengthy (but that’s a story for another day!) In the short-term, Pip will be loved and doted on by our sons and when she is 8-10 months of age, she’ll begin her homeschooling lessons to become a working sheepdog!

At some point in the near future, we would like to diversify our farm products and expand beyond beef. Dustin has been researching mushroom production for a while now and this winter, we took the plunge! In early February, he cut down a sweet gum tree and on March 26, we inoculated our logs with shiitake spawn! We’re using shiitake sawdust spawn from Field and Forest Products. After the tree was cut, the limbs were cut down to about 3’ sections. Next came drilling 1” holes (about 50 per log) The shiitake sawdust spawn was tapped into each hole and then sealed with wax. (A great toddler project, by the way!) We stacked the logs near the pond in the shade and if all goes well, they’ll begin fruiting this fall!

These logs would have otherwise been firewood, but if we can turn them into food-producing logs (that will last for years!) Why not try!? Beef & mushrooms this fall!

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