Out to Pasture

On May 1, we opened the barn gate to the feeders and are slowly strip-grazing them through an 18-acre pasture. I wish we would have taken a video of them at the time of their initial introduction to the spring pasture. They looked like a several ton load of kids in a candy store.

Without these feeders grazing this particular paddock of pasture, it would end up being brush-hogged once or twice throughout the course of the growing season. The cost: man-power, wear & tear on machinery and the usage of precious fuel. Their ability to graze it comes with nothing but benefits!

The benefit:

  • Conversion of free sunlight into lush, green grass for ruminants to break-down and metabolize into high-quality, nutrient-dense protein. They’re upcycling otherwise unusable nutrients for human consumption and converting it into a VERY nutritious food source for many families here in our immediate area. WIN!
  • Natural deposition of manure all over the land thereby recycling nutrients. The alternative would be time-consuming mucking out of the barn to then mechanically spread the manure on our crop land or on other pastures.
  • No doubt, for the feeders, a way more interesting way to spend the day than the alternative which would be in the barn 24-7. They did that all winter and I’m certain they felt well cared for simply being in a dry place to shelter that was out of the wind/snow but now that the weather is irresistibly beautiful, a change of scenery is probably something they’re also drawn to!
  • Last but not least, something that we, as farmers and business owners care about in order to be profitable and sustainable, cost savings!! Hay (to buy or make on the farm) comes with costs! The rent on this particular pasture is so affordable it would be foolish not to use it!

The upcycling super power of cattle- check it out!

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