Launching the Tis Well Beef Program!

Pretty excited about this folks!!  For YEARS now, we’ve wanted to raise and direct-market our own beef.  We started learning the direct marketing ropes through our freezer lamb program the past 5 years and are so grateful to everyone who supported us through the purchase of lamb to fill their freezer!

With the purchase of our own cow herd last summer and subsequent breeding of those cows, we excitedly welcomed our first group of calves this spring/early summer.  Prior to those calves even hitting the ground, we birthed the vision for what we’re calling our ‘freezer beef program.’  Check out all of the details here!

PATIENCE is the name of the game with beef.  Here we are in late August of 2020 starting to take orders for beef that wouldn’t physically be ready for pick-up until September of 2021 at the earliest!  That seems crazy, right!?  When you consider the ‘life cycle’ of beef, it makes sense.  We don’t breed the cows until they’re at least two years old, their gestation length is 9 months.  The calves nurse/graze for about 8 months until they’re weaned and then we feed them dry hay and supplement their energy needs with corn- all of which grown right down the road by our dear neighbors.  They’ll reach market-weight when they’re about 18 months old at which point we’ll take them over the ridge to the closest butcher shop.  About 4 weeks later, they’ll be ready for your freezer!

Now- if you’re a planner and thinking about where you’ll be getting your beef NEXT fall, consider placing an order for some Tis Well Beef!

We’d be honored to feed your family the same way we’re feeding our family!


Thank you!

Dustin, Christie, Owen & Aaron Brown

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