Welcoming the Winter Season

Winter came on strong and fast this year here in Central Pennsylvania!  A very wet year seems to be yielding a pretty aggressive start to the winter season.  The littlest farm-hand, Owen, certainly doesn’t seem to mind all of the snow!

owen and snow

A few exciting things will be taking place shortly!

We’ll be accompanying Helder Designs at the 2019 Winter Craft Market at the Penn Stater Inn and Conference Center in State College, PA on December 1st to debut our handmade beef tallow soap!  The soap making process started in early July when the first grass-finished beef steer (“Bobby”) was sent off to the butcher shop.  Roughly 40 pounds of trim and internal fat came back home in addition to some fantastic beef and marrow bones and since then, I’ve been slowly rendering down the fat into pure, beautiful beef tallow.  The tallow makes up 1/3 of the fat in the bars of soap.  Olive oil and coconut oil complete the trio of fats and when married with sodium hydroxide and water, a lovely and smooth soap is made!  We blended in some lavender essential oils and lavender flower buds (from our garden) into each bar of soap.  Price per bar is $4.50.


Additionally, the 2018 lambs are heading to the butcher shop NEXT WEEK!  Thank you to our 2018 freezer lamb buyers!  We truly hope you enjoy the lamb in the upcoming year, especially this holiday season!  …this also means we’ll be knee deep in cleaning lamb hides to get them ready for the salt drying process before they can head to the tannery.  Let’s hope for some decent weather next week!

Happy Holidays!

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