Introducing our New Farm Hand

The Tis Well Farm team just expanded by one this past October and we’d like to introduce him to you!  Meet Owen!  Owen was born in the exact same hospital as his daddy…just 30 years and 8 days later.  It was a Sunday evening, following a lovely day of walking around the farm, shooting walnuts out of the tree, tea time with some friends, a long bike ride (for Dustin) and an evening Western movie when Owen decided his time had come.  Fast forward for your sake, and by the next morning, our little love had made his welcomed arrival.  “Hi Baby” was the first thing I remember coming out of my mouth.  What a joy the past 3 months has been…seriously!  I can’t stop thanking God for blessing us with this little boy!

owen.jpg Owen was lucky enough to be with us when the 2017 lamb crop was rounded up and taken to the butcher shop and he’s been my trusty co-pilot for the delivery of the lamb meat to our buyers.  Next month, he’ll be joining us as we start the 2018 lambing season.

What do you think…is he a cute babe or what??


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