Summer at Tis Well

One thing is always a constant at Tis Well (and likely every farm): Change!  Every day/week brings change and that’s why we never tire of doing what we do.  Dustin and I went on a week-long vacation to Maine earlier this month and we decided to come home early because we couldn’t wait to see what all had changed at home.

We recently hatched out chicks and turkey poults and because of their arrival, we’re in the process of building a new movable chicken coop to rotate around the various pastures throughout the year.  Earlier this spring, we took the plunge into the Red Angus world and purchased our first registered Red Angus heifer from Bow Creek Farm and Cattle Company in Hershey, PA.  We named our new heifer Scarlett and next month, we’ll breed her to a bull who has taken us months to find; SR Here We Go!  Fingers crossed for a heifer calf our of Scarlett!


In our earlier blog post, we shared the news of a new little farm-hand coming in October, 2017 and earlier this month, we found out we’re expecting a boy!  Little boy Brown has a nice new lamb fleece from the 2016 lambs ready and waiting for him to make sure he’s cozy and warm this winter.

Unlike most of the changes on the farm this spring and summer, we did have a crushingly sad change at Tis Well.  Our sweet farm pup, Kate, turned out to have epilepsy and she started having seizures at 5 months of age.  Epileptic dogs don’t usually have seizures until they’re at least a year old and when they do, seizures aren’t super frequent.  Kate struggled to carry on her normal happy puppy life and even on a high dose of Phenobarbital, the common anti-seizure medication, she was still plagued with many each week.  We made the incredibly hard decision to put Kate down last month.  Her loss is even more painful today, June 26th, the day that would have been her first birthday.  Her litter-mate and sister, Rue is still with us and she’s thriving and doing wonderfully and we’re so thankful to at least have Rue with us.

With life comes loss, and we’re learning to face it head on and move forward.


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