2017 Lambing Season


Tis Well wrapped up the 2017 lambing season this week with the last arrivals of several ram lambs from our yearling ewes.  The lambing season was fairly spread out between mid-February and mid-April but we’re thankful that most of the lambs arrived on fairly pleasant sunny days.  As always, the new arrivals receive names!

Ernst (single), Elizabeth (single), Marcus & Maxwell (twins), Albert & Victoria (twins), Ollie (single), Amelia (single), Ellie and Teddy (twins), Jerry (single) and Jarvis (single).

We’re now taking orders for our spring 2017 lambs, scheduled at the butcher shop in early December.  If you would like to reserve a lamb, please email tiswellfarm@gmail.com

Also new on the TisWell front- we’re excited to share the arrival of a new farm-hand in late October!  This will be our first tiny tot and we’re excited to dive into the world of parenting!  Next spring, I’ll have a side-kick for lambing checks!



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