Future Farm Dogs

With lambing long over and the flock our to pasture full-time, we’ve been able to concentrate a little more on the future work crew at Tis Well.  Tweed, a female Border Collie belonging to our dear friends at Thistle Creek Farms, had a litter earlier this summer.  In mid-June, Tweed came to Tis Well to settle into her temporary summer home and during the wee morning hours of June 26th, her first litter was born right in our bedroom.  We’re currently caring for Tweed and her crew of 6 pups.  Next week, Tweed will head back to Thistle Creek (her owner recently moved to Denver) and 4 of the 6 pups will head to their new homes.  The final two pups will stay at Tis Well!

Introducing…Rue Marie (left) and Kate Eilis (right)!  These sweet sisters will be joining the shepherding staff alongside our mature female, Calla Lilly.  Kate will be raised and trained by me (Chris!) and Rue will be raised/trained by Dustin.  For the next 8 months, these girls will learn how to be proper members of the Brown family (house manners and obedience) and then when they reach 10-12 months, we will introduce them to the sheep flock and cow herd for their livestock herding lessons.  Border Collies are extremely loyal to their primary owner/trainer so Dustin and I will each assume that primary position in the life of our pups.  Calla will do her best to teach them by example.   (You can check out more puppy photos on my Instagram feed, @ChrisMoBrown)




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