Oh Percy

The 2016 Tis Well lambing season has officially come to an end.  Our Border Leicester ewe, Cora, delivered a nice-sized ram lamb on April 9th and we named him Percy.  Percy was the last of 16 lambs (front and center in the photo).  We ended up with 4 singles, 3 sets of twins and 2 sets of triplets.  (Sprat, Bertie, Anna, Alfred, Peggy, Little Sir, Beatrix, Opal, Jasper, Linda, Lilly, Leah, Winston, Jackson, Harrison and Percy- yes, we’re crazy and name everyone!)


The temperatures have been slowly rising these past two weeks and the flock has been put out to pasture to capitalize on the new growth.  We finished shearing the mature sheep yesterday (what a chore!) and everyone had a dose of wormer for the season.

This afternoon, I decided to work from the picnic table in the yard and it’s a darn good thing I did that.  A little after lunchtime, I heard Cora frantically balling.  She was pacing the fence  and after a few minutes, it was pretty clear to me she and Percy had lost each other.  Usually the lambs are the ones wailing to locate their mothers so I thought it was really odd for the ewe to be the one on the frantic hunt.

Calla and I headed out to pasture to see what the trouble was.  After a quick inspection of the flock and no sign of Percy, we started hunting around.  …and then I heard his little baa.  Coming from the middle of the farm lane.  Underneath the MIDDLE of the lane!?   Percy had managed to crawl into the narrow drainage pipe and had gotten himself lodged into the dead center of it.  After a quick internal pep talk to stay calm, I ran back to the barn to find something long to drag him out with.  A hoe?  It didn’t work.  I ran back, this time for a 3-pronged rake and a lasso.  A shepherd’s crook would have been perfect!!   I was able to get the tips of the rake prongs hooked around his back leg and I slowly dragged him out.  The poor chap was covered in mud; making his alert grey eyes and pink eye lids boldly stand out.  He immediately ran to Cora and started to nurse- for comfort mostly.  If a ewe can look relieved, Cora looked relieved.  I felt relieved.

Tis Well is now in the market for a shepherd’s crook!

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